Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Rat de Fanny du Mois

Well. I am feeling a little more positive. I dragged myself out to see the film Gainsbourg today. I loved it. It is so vivid and bold. It adopts a very free-form, blurry and whimsical approach to the usually staid bio-pic genre. What it lacks in biographical detail and accuracy it more than makes up for in sheer charisma and style. It's a very warm and affectionate portrayal of the french fanny rat. The whole look of the film: the sets, the costumes, the cinematography are all incredibly sumptuous and lush.

I think I fell in love with the chain-smoking rogue a little. What is it with me and louche, fanny rats? I am doomed in life, I think, to always fall for the most unsuitable and unreliable. I need to re-program my brain to find myself a nice, corduroy-wearing, liberal democrat vicar called Malcolm.

Anyway, my favourite line in the whole film? Well, at the end of his life, when Gainsbourg was a little shambolic, booze-addled and dishevelled (but no less endearing), he approaches a girl young enough to be his daughter. The line that charms her into bed?

"I have to say, horizontally at least, I have never had any complaints."

Check out the trailer for Gainsbourg here.

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