Saturday, 31 July 2010


The start of the long summer break should certainly be something to celebrate. Madam Noir keeps sighing '6 weeks . . . . you're so lucky.'

My first week has not been so great. Hetty was taken terribly ill and I've had to spend a fortune on her treatment. It was touch and go for her. She seems to be pulling through now, thankfully. The very last thing I needed though was extra expense. My finances are now causing me sleepless nights. I feel trapped, claustrophobic, alone and desperately unhappy. I can't seem to muster any energy or enthusiasm for anything.


  1. Really sorry to hear about Hetty being ill. I hope she makes a speedy recovery. Also sorry that you're feeling low yourself. Any way I can cheer you up? I could tell you I am currently watching my daughter playing with the girls next door-over the fence. She has made herself a bed with a blanket and cushion and is lying down under an umbrella. Bearing in mind that it is getting dark and she should already be in bed but it is quite amusing watching her antics! The girls are now all bouncing on their respective trampolines - yes still with umbrella! I suggested that they try and bounce from one trampoline to the other over the fence but they looked at me like some sort of Health and Safety Nutcase and shook their heads! I'd best go fetch her in before she freezes and pop her into bed. no time for a bath tonight!

  2. I can also have a stab at lifting your spirits. Me. You. Scones. John Lewis. My treat. Saturday.
    How did I do? xx

  3. Ah, Miss Rouge and Madam Noir. Thanks for your words of encouragement. I am feeling a little better today. xxx