Sunday, 27 June 2010


It's our school's enterprise fayre coming up. My class have been studying different artists and producing works of art inspired by Cezanne, Van Gogh, Rousseau, Klee and this week (thanks to a suggestion from Rochester) Matisse. We'll be selling them the artwork our fayre, I am hoping for £100 profit.

I have to say, this project has been hugely enjoyable. It's been heartwarming to hear my special needs, sink-estate children debating fine art.

'I don't like Cezanne, his colours were too dark. You can tell by his pictures he was grumpy.'

'I like Van Gogh because his favourite colour was yellow, mine is too.'

'My favourite artist was Rousseau. I like all the animals hiding in his jungle pictures. His bananas were upside down!'

'I love Matisse, his pictures are sunny and bright.'

The quality of the work produced has been amazing. We've experimented with different medium: pastel, acrylic, collage, waterolour. Every Friday for the last 6 weeks has been dedicated to this project. We even listen to music while we paint (soothing songs like Moon River and Scarborough Fair).

I'll post some pictures of the children's artwork shortly.

The children were not the only ones inspired this week. I loved my Matisse day. I've been particularly smitten with his sun-filled, lush interiors. I'll be decorating the house next year (when I come into a little pot of money). At the moment the colour palette of my home is very cool and washed out - inspired by the North East coast and the art deco style of the house - shades of pale twine, duck egg blue, eau de nil. I am now craving a more opulent, rich vibrant Matisse inspired look.

Check these pictures out, you'll see what I mean. I never realised (until searching for pictures to show 8 year olds) that Matisse was quite as obsessed with breasts. No wonder he was the swarthy rogue's choice!

Inspiration number 1: blood red, richly patterned turkish style rugs.

Inspiration number 2: warm, opulent drapes, clashing patterns.

Inspiration number 3: Sunlight streaming through windows onto golden fruit.

Inspiration number 4: bringing nature indoors - heart shaped leaves.

Inspiration number 5 - the colour red.
Inspiration number 6 : beautiful china blue.

Inspiration number 6: more clashing prints, I am in love with that pink and green blowsy, floral drape.

Inspiration number 6: Flowers, drapes, fruit and sunlight.
Inspiration number 7: animals

I long to live in a cluttered, sunlit, vibrant Matisse inspired home. Is it a look that will work in a 1920s semi though?

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