Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A budget thought . . .

Oh dear. A 2 year public sector pay freeze. 20% VAT. I am hoping and praying that those amoral, Machiavellian Lib Dems feel proud of themselves. Here is hoping they find their backbones, and their consciences and revolt against this despicable alliance. I imagine Lib Dems up and down the country are feeling terribly uneasy. I think those naive souls who expected that the more savage right-wing ethos of the Tories would be softened by this alliance will feel utterly betrayed.

I've read a lot of bullshit about public sector salaries over the last few days. Apparently, we in the public sector earn more than out private sector counterparts. I even read some tosh in the Daily Mail that cleaners in the public sector earn £40k! I mentioned that to Mona, one of our school cleaners today. She thought it was hysterical. She earns little more than minimum wage.

Let me say this. Of course there should be equity in the salaries of those in the public and private sector who do the same job. If a recruitment consultant for a blue chip utility company earns less than a recruitment consultant for a local council, then that is patently unfair.

But.. . . please, someone tell me.

Which private sector job is equivalent to that of a teacher working in a challenging school?
Which private sector job is equivalent to that of oncology nurse?
Which private sector role is equivalent to that of a social worker specialising in child protection?
What, in the private sector, is the equivalent of a police officer?

These are 'life and death' jobs. These are people who keep our society together. These people make a real difference to everybody's quality of life.

I can tell you this, after 11 years in the private sector I moved into teaching. I have never regretted it, it is a job I absolutely love. In fact, teaching is my life. But, after 3 years of teaching I am still earning substantially less now than I did in my previous job. Yet I have never worked so hard in all my life.

So much for the Tories and the Lib Dems valuing teachers, valuing education. How long till the first industrial action, I wonder?

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