Friday, 9 April 2010

Fantastic 1950s Diner Furniture

Ahhh, school holidays. Time to browse online and fantasy-shop. I googled '1950s diner furniture' and discovered a most inspiring website. Look at these stunning kitchens. My life is missing many things, but at the moment I think I would prefer a sleek and sturdy formica table and chairs to another wobbly-legged boyfriend.

Of course, these are the kind of items I dream of stumbling across in a charity shop, but sadly never do. A table and 4 chairs from this website would cost about £1500.

This kitchen is so beautiful. My heart is all a-flutter at the glossy duck-egg blue fridge and units. I think celestial angels must cook in a kitchen just like this (making buttercream cupcakes, of course).


  1. It's a good job we're all different my dear - I'm so not a fan of anything from 1950s-1990s! Just looks old fashioned to me! I'll put my hand up and say the failing is completely my own. But would definitely prefer a solid wood kitchen myself. You can't beat a bit of natural wood. Btw enjoy the rest of your week off as I trundle back to work tomorrow. Wish we could all stay on holiday forever...

  2. Compared to my usual preferences (Victoriana and Deco) then the 50s is ultra modern!

    I see by your tweets you are on the Sambuca already!!!!

  3. Yes - haven't had one for several weeks. Hardly ever drink unless I'm out but make the exception for a sambuca. Love the aniseed! Need something to take the sting away from work tomorrow!

  4. Ooooh, I LOVE aniseed - I shall have to check it out. Neat or mixed?

  5. Neat but it is very sweet. Have you not had a flaming sambuca at the end of a meal when it is set fire to? I prefer to keep my alcohol at it's max level so leave mine unflamed. Do love it but the sweetness does mean that it is consumed only in small doses.