Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A thought. . .

Just had first decent interweb dating email, from man who can spell, seems rather erudite, articulate, witty and who has a full quota of legs. His photo was OK (although, to be honest, it didn't set my heart a-flutter). However, he is a little outside my age-bracket (i.e. 49, 10 years older than me). I was just pondering whether this was an issue or not, when I noticed HIS preferred age-bracket.

'looking for woman between 25-40'

So, the cove would be cock-a-hoop to ensnare a whisp of girl of HALF his age, but a woman of 41 (who is still 8 years his junior) is 'past it' as far as he is concerned. Honestly, I despair. I despair of all men.

Now, I must shake a leg and sally forth into the torrential downpour with the mutts.

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