Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Smoked haddock quiche.

I bought a succulent piece of smoked haddock today. I know food critics would sneer at me, but I always choose the dyed yellow fish. Flabby, white smoked-haddock does nothing for me. This is the one time when I do not favour the pale and wan. In my opinion smoked-haddock should be as garish and artificial as Jordan.

Whilst contemplating the fish I was thinking kedgeree. However, I've also been craving some buttery, cheesy quiche. In the end I decided to combine the two and made the most luscious smoked haddock, cheddar and leek quiche. I have to say, in the words of Michael Winner, it was HISTORIC! I served it with some baby spinach leaves dressed with my signature walnut oil dressing. It was possibly the best supper I've had in months. Very simple, very homely, very cheesy and very smokey. Heaven.

There is no recipe to follow, I winged it. I made 200g of shortcrust pastry, poached the haddock in milk and softened some leeks in butter. The cheesy custard was made with quarter of a pint of double cream, a little of the milky poaching liquor, 3 eggs and a huge handful of grated mature cheddar. I baked the quiche for 30 minutes till the top was burnished and golden.

I'm not sure if real men eat quiche, but primary school teachers certainly do. However, I must apologise for the poor quality photo. It looked so darn good I couldn't be bothered coming over all David Bailey. I just cut a healthy slice and jumped straight in!

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