Saturday, 26 December 2009

A few pretty things . . . .

A Lola Rose green agate ring.
My favourite colour: deep bottle green. My favourite kind of jewellery: a large, dramatic cocktail ring (glamorous and practical: it can double as a knuckle-duster should I be pounced on during pre-dawn dog walks by some lager-soaked ne're do well). I bought this as a Christmas present to myself. I know Lola Rose is not cheap, but in my defense, it was half-price!

A Cath Kidston sewing box.
A present from Madam Noir. I have successfully taught myself knitting this year (although I am still unable to cast-off, which means I am unable to finish anything I start). In 2010 I shall teach myself sewing. I am picturing myself happily running up cushion covers, aprons and ball gowns. I shall be like a 1950s housewife, without the annoying 1950s slipper-wearing, pipe-smoking husband, of course.

L'Occitane Rose Nuit de Mai perfume.
I have worn the same perfume for years, Pure Grace by Philosophy. Rochester claimed it made me smell of wood, so perhaps it is of no surprise that I've been craving a new signature scent. I've always loved rose perfumes, during my teenage goth phase in I was perpetually marinated in Body Shop Tea Rose oil. I've sampled many a rose scent and have always been slightly disappointed. However, I love this L'Occitane fragrance. It's quite a sultry, velvety rose (it certainly doesn't smell of Thora Hird's pot pourrii). It has the petal soft, dewy aroma of an English rose-garden at night.

Red Mary Jane Shoes
As you all know, I love anything retro. These shoes appealed because they have a 1940s sturdy wartime French resistance style. But the colour is pure Ava Gardener decadent glamour. Red shoes make me smile.

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