Sunday, 24 May 2009

Paris Texas

I am a bit cross with myself.  My favourite film is Paris Texas.  I have never seen it on the big screen.  It was on at the Tyneside yesterday and I missed it.

When I first saw the Paris Texas I was doing my A Levels, I was about 17. The film had a huge emotional impact on me.  More so than any film has since. At that time my life had barely started, I had yet to fall in love, had never even left the North East.  I had experienced loss though, with the death of my mother.  Maybe that is why the film affected me so deeply, I wept and wept. Parts seemed unfathomably sad, the loneliness and fragility of the characters was something I could identify with.  The beauty of the cinematography and the soundtrack took my breath away.  

I can remember the next day, on the bus to Peterlee Sixth Form College, I felt deeply changed be the experience of watching such a very personal and eloquent film.  

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