Sunday, 24 May 2009

Homes and Gardens (and hounds)

OK. First the unveiling of my new primrose yellow kitchen. I agonised between 2 shades of yellow, and opted for the subtler of the two. I now wish I'd been braver and chosen the deeper, sunflower-ochre shade. Oh well. If I could tolerate another day of my lurcher-neglecting workman (and I could afford the expense) I would get it re-done.

It is still quite warm and sunny, which was the objective I suppose. Here it is, with a plump Dalmatian waddling through.

I have spent the day spring cleaning. Here is Hetty, reclining on my dining room chaise. I love a chaise, don't you? So Oscar Wilde-esque. Hetty has discovered my dining room is flooded with afternoon sun, and thinks the chaise is the best place to be. Notice how her silk brocade collar co-odinates perfectly.

The view from the chaise is lovely. My garden is surrounded by trees. I particularly love the combination of the dark aubergine beech and trailing acid- yellow laburnum. I had my breakfast in the garden this morning. Green and White scrambled eggs under the blossom. Lovely.

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