Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Introducing Hetty (or possibly Thora)

Well, a decision has been made.  I've chosen a beautiful, elegant 2-year old lurcher. She is as soft as cashmere and as speckled as an egg. The photo attached doesn't do her justice at all, she looks slightly bonkers in it. I think the combination of protruding Amy Winehouse ribs, a machiavellian glint in her eye and the licking of her lips makes it look like she is planning to devour the photographer. 

There were 2 lurcher girls who were contenders, but Claudie (her kennel name) was so gentle and snuggly. She seems to be all eyes and legs, like a supermodel. I just need to wait for an RSPCA lady to come and check I am not running a vivisection lab or lurcher pie factory from my suburban semi. 

I am so excited about getting her.  Kipper is too elderly for beach walks and countryside hikes, I miss that daily dose of fresh air and doggy companionship.  

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