Saturday, 18 April 2009

Hetty's first day.

Well, I picked up Hetty.  She had been in the kennels for 9 days, after being found abandoned in Durham.  Even after 9 days of care and attention she is still just skin and bone, it is quite heartbreaking. You can see every rib, feel every nobbly bit of her spine.  Her hair is thin and patchy, like Paul Daniels'. She is not exactly a beautiful dog, but her sweet and biddable nature just shines through.  She has tattered and threadbare charm, like a down-at heel aristocrat. She is mesmerising when she moves, so graceful and elegant.  

She has settled in beautifully.  My little cat, Hester, welcomed her at the door. Hester loves dogs (she thinks she is one). My heart was in my mouth, and my hand was grasped firmly on Hetty's lead.  To my amazement Hetty just pretended she hadn't even seen Hester.  A strategy she has adopted every time she has encountered one of my feline menagerie since.  I think she is terrified of them.     
We are both curled on the sofa now, watching Some Like it Hot and eating chicken liver pate on toast.  I have so much school work to do, lessons to plan,  but I am having too much fun with Little Miss Hetty.  

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