Monday, 27 April 2009

Hetty update

Madam Noir and I took Hetty for her first run on Sunday. So far I have just taken her for gentle, walks around our tree-lined, surburban streets. She walks beautifully on the lead, she never pulls, just trots along side me as meek and mild as a little lamb.

I thought, given her placid and docile nature, that she would still stick close, even off the lead. I was mistaken. When she was untethered she went bonkers. She bounded round and round the field: full of energy and life, breathtakingly fast. She is so elegant when she runs, quite mesmerising. It was a joy to watch her. A mere week before she had been a starved, weak and timid creature who never once wagged her tail. On Sunday she was a vital, bouncing, wagging, wriggling, blissfully happy dog.

We finished our walk with a treat for the peppy pooch, a Minchella's cornet. For a dog that must surely be the perfect end to a perfect day.

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