Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Hansel and Gretel

I love teaching. I've had a wonderful week. Today we spent the afternoon planting marigolds and playing rounders on the school field.

Tomorrow we are spending the whole day on Hansel and Gretel (and what a dark and creepy tale it is. . . . I mean, child abandonment, starvation, cannibalism). In the morning we will write a sumptuous description of the Gingerbread house (and my teaching assitant will dress up as the wizened old witch). In the afternoon we will make our own gingerbread house collages, adorned with Dolly Mixtures, liquorice shoelaces and maybe a few scuttling white chocolate mice.

It is a privilege really, to have a job which allows such creativity, fun and fulfillment. I love every minute of teaching.

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