Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Dog shopping

I visited the wonderful Dogs Trust today. I decided I needed a replacement for Boo.  I got Boo from the Dogs Trust 8 years ago.  They are the most fantastic charity, with incredibly vigorous adoption policies. They never destroy a healthy dog.

In my heart I doubted I would find my doggy soul-mate.  But, I thought maybe I was due a little good luck, especially as my hopes for a 2-legged soul-mate are thwarted at every turn.  

Imagine my excitement when I saw a Boo look-a-like: shaggy, rakish, unkempt and boisterous.  He was called 'Mojo'.  I went to enquire about him.  Dear me.  It was not good news: hyperactive, destructive, can't be left alone, hates cats, barks constantly.  Sadly, I had to accept, despite his dishevelled charm, Mojo was not the one for me.  I explained I was looking for a calmer dog, after all, there is my OAP Dalmatian, Kipper, to consider.  He would not take kindly to some randy, highly-strung whippersnapper muscling in on his patch.

The nice Dogs Trust lady suggested I meet a gentle labrador-cross called Honey.  She was as quiet as a dormouse.  I took her for a little walk.  We had a chat.  She was beautiful, but her ears were a bit wonky.  I worry that makes me sound shallow, but somehow Honey wasn't for me either.   I am not sure I could live with those ears. The search continues.

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