Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Way We Were

I am concerned that I am turning into a recluse. These last few Saturdays I have not even managed to get dressed. Today I tidied the house in a silk nightie whilst listening to Kate Bush on the i-pod. I then watched a video of The Way We Were and wrote reports for the children in my class.

Now, I have always loved pottering around at home, but even I have to admit I am taking things too far. If I don't get a grip I shall spend the entire Easter holidays in bed with a Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg and a pile of Agatha Christie books and never see a soul.

So, the start of British Summertime must signal a new beginning. I need to pull myself together somehow and stop this hibernation. I miss Rochester. That is all. I keep looking for ways of making sense of it all. I hate the random cruelty of life. I do not believe that 'everything happens for a reason.' I feel like garroting people who say that to me. But I also hate the bleakness of the alternative view. I met him, I fell in love, I got hurt. That is all there is to it. There is nothing to understand, no forensic picking over the ashes will help me, yet I can't stop this perpetual soul-searching.

Anyway, The Way We Were. I love the character of Katie, her passion and energy. The way she loves Hubbell so intensely and unconditionally. Yet Hubbell is a very flat, vacuous and dull character. What exactly does she love about him so much? I have never really understood that. Redford appears to be playing the traditionally female role, that of the beautiful, empty-headed love-interest. Hubbell doesn't deserve Katie. The freckled fanny rat is (to quote a great line from Hannah and Her Sisters) 'a haircut masquerading as a man'!!!

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