Sunday, 29 March 2009

A day in the garden.

In the midst of a rather sorrowful month there was a moment of joy. I planted a lilac tree when I moved into this house. In five years it has never flowered. Today I noticed some tiny flowers on the tree. I love lilac. The house I grew up in had a huge lilac tree in the garden. In May, if I slept with the window open, the sweet, heady smell would drift into the room. Seeing those flowers today gave me hope.

Kipper and I spent the afternoon in the garden. He was snoozing, I was gardening. I am an inept gardener. I have a phobia of worms. It doesn't help. This year I am planting:

  • purple sprouting broccoli
  • courgettes
  • potatoes
So, I dug over a plot for planting. Then I weeded the herb garden and was thrilled to see tiny, vivid marjoram leaves coming through. I love marjoram. No mint yet though. Another happy memory of childhood: making the mint sauce for the Sunday roast with my dad.

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