Sunday, 20 February 2011

Half Term: Day 2

I promised you a post per day, and a post per day is what you're darn well getting. Quantity is the new quality, you see. It must be. What other explanation is there for Liz Jones getting TWO columns in the Mail on Sunday? Oh God, have I mentioned her again? I am becoming obsessed with Liz Jones. It is not healthy. I vow her name shall never pass my lips again. I swear on Nick Cave, Bobbi Brown, Hetty Wainthropp, Cath Kidston and everyone else I hold dear, this is the end of my laborious Liz Jones lamentations. Let us all move on. Anyway, back to what I was saying, I am forever telling the children in my class about the quality vs quantity continuum. I am not sure they have quite grasped the concept yet. They usually write me very, very small amounts of utter drivel. A bit like Liz Jones. . . . . .

I had to drive to Newcastle today, I was meeting Madam Noir for a catch-up, some gentle shopping and a restorative scone. Newcastle is a short 20 minute drive away. Lying in bed this morning I was quite emotional and rather overwhelmed at the prospect of the journey. I tried to bolster myself, telling myself that I must make the effort. I am becoming too maudlin and reclusive, especially when I think back to how vital and joyful I felt at the end of last year. I felt supernaturally, glowingly positive and confident (that is, sadly, for me, a very rare sensation). The tragedy is, that happiness was all down to Rochester. I know it is terribly pathetic when your whole sense of contentment depends on proximity of a man (especially, let us be frank, a dour and flaky fanny rat), but I do still miss the rogue. I wish I could find an 'off switch' for him, for the thoughts and memories that perpetually haunt me. I can't. Not yet.

Anyway, I did indeed make the arduous drive to Newcastle (I think Ernest Shackleton set off for Antarctica with less fuss and nonsense). Whilst there I decided to treat myself to a few little trinkets.

I am totally besotted with Alex Monroe jewellery. He designs ethereal, delicate and romantic pieces inspired by the English countryside. They always make me think of the book I Capture the Castle, for some reason. His jewellery is not extraordinarily expensive really. But for me, at the moment, it is out of reach. Today I wanted to find some silver jewellery that was resonant of his designs: pretty and rather vintage in mood. I bought these at Accessorize. The total bill for all 4 pieces was £30.

This ring looks like an heirloom, Edwardian piece. I love it. (£14)

These earrings are very sweet. (£8)

I've always craved an initial pendant. But, they can be rather brash and (dare I say) 'dart player'. This is tiny and will be lovely layered with other pieces, I think. (£8).

Now, my skincare routine has taken something of a battering since I became a poor churchmouse. At one time I favoured Elemis. I then downsized to Liz Earle. Last week I bought my moisturiser and cleanser from the supermarket (day and night cream for less than £10). But, today I did treat myself to a small bottle of Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate serum. It is heavenly, really potent and aromatic.

I should really have stopped there, but, passing Bobbi Brown and noticed a new range of lipsticks. I am a lipstick addict. I simply had to try out the new formula. It would have been rude not too. So, this is a Rich Lip Colour in Heather Pink. It is not as pale as appears in the picture. It is actually a nude brown-pink. Not dissimilar to the other 3472 nude brown-pinks I have in my collection. It is a lovely formulation though, a velvety, petal-soft matte.

Finally, the most thrilling purchase of the day. A solitary M&S Cherry Bakewell Trifle (yes, just one, I showed unusual restraint). Welcome back, old friend. You have been sadly missed.


  1. Gasp! The Cherry Bakewell Trifle! It is the most heavenly of M&S trifles.

    Sadly all the Marks' in the Central Scotland area embarked upon a cruel campaign of supplying them for a few short weeks and then removing them all from their shelves in one fell swoop. What kind of marketing strategy is that?

    I still occasionally skulk around various random Marks' trying to spot the purple trifle cover, to no avail. They are like a rare endangered species. So distraught am I over their disappearance I have to buy several other desserts to compensate. (oh wait, that might be the marketing strategy...)

    But they are alive and well in Newcastle you say? Interesting news. Interesting.

    In other non dessert related thoughts, I love your E necklace. Also, congratulations for successfully making the trip!

    Katy xx

  2. These were the first Cherry Bakewell Trifles I have seen this year. I was shaking with excitement when I saw them. Why, oh why did I only buy one though? I am furious with myself for that.

    I do also love the M&S Syrup Sponge Trifle, which is basically just golden syrup, custard and whipped cream. I tell myself the Cherry Bakewell trifle is a healthy alternative. It must, after all, have at least 2 and a half cherries in it.

  3. I went to worship in the M&S restaurant on Saturday night. Yeah, baby. The mecca of Nice. And it was.

    Mm, cool jewels, in a stride across the moor with the mist swathed around your laced ankle-boots sort of way.

    And, you should write that book. You write it, we'll read it. A deal!

  4. Ooooh. I like your style Elastic Girl. I did indeed have some laced ankle-boots. I felt very Jane Eyre in them too. Not many misty moorlands around these here parts, but I did get to wear them a couple of times on a drizzly schoolyard. Then Cyril (the lurcher) chewed the heels off them. Bastard dog.

    Thank you for the comment!