Sunday, 23 January 2011

A quick thank you . . .

Thanks to the wonderful Belgian Waffle, who is obviously a Swami of Blogging, Parma Violet Tea has had hundreds of new readers this week. This has been something of a shock. I have always had a terribly select (i.e. miniscule) audience. My normal readership falls under the categories of:

  • close friends.
  • weary School of Hard Knocks colleagues.
  • disgruntled ex boyfriends/ interweb datees (neurotically checking that I haven't mentioned them).
  • Rochester (audaciously checking that I HAVE mentioned him).
  • Cheesecloth wearing, holistic herbalists, searching for a 'violet tea' recipe. (I say this to you, lentil botherers, do yourself a favour, go buy a box of Yorkshire Gold teabags. You can't dip a Twix in violet tea, now can you?)
Ms Waffle is to blogs, what Delia is to gravy granules. One mention from her and the revolving door on my blog is spinning like a fanny rat's rolodex. So, thank you Waffle and thank you to everyone who has taken the time to post a comment on here. I really don't want to come over like Gwyneth at the Oscars, but I have been genuinely, genuinely touched by it all.


  1. Hi, I'm one of those who found you because of Ms. Waffle. I'm enjoying your stories all the way from Seattle, Washington. Thanks!

  2. Hi Elizabeth

    I've been reading your blog all weekend and just wanted to say that I love your writing (especially your liberal and hilariously inventive use of the c word). Quite a few of your posts have really moved me and I am eternally grateful for the term "fannyrat", which I have pledged to use at least once a day from now on in.

    Thanks again.


  3. Fellow new reader, also happily adopting 'fanny rat'. The universe clearly wants me to use it often, as just after reading it on your wondrous blog, I saw a man on channel 4 building a roman villa (??? I know, random) wearing a fanny rat t-shirt. To say I was startled doesn't quite cover it. Good luck with Rochester, ASBO teaching assistants and everything else, looking forward to reading all about it x

  4. There really, really was. On 'Rome wasn't built in a day' which was alarmingly interesting. Not particularly swarthy but definitely with a hint of rogue. Have a look on Thursday night, you'll spot him a mile off; he has a slogan t-shirt for every occasion x

  5. I am another new reader. I've been trawling the archives since the middle of last week. I love, love, love your writing. My husband (a Jack Lemmon) and small children have been neglected for hours on end and bemused by my frequent hoots of laughter. Thank you.

  6. Also been reading through Belgian Waffle: made me smile a lot :)

  7. Hello Miss Underscore,

    I found your blog through the fabulous Belgian Waffle too, and it's been a joy to read. I've been working my way through all the archives (like some weird stalkery type person - I'm not though, truly).

    It's just that I've found your writing beautiful, and poignant... and very funny.

    Oh, I'm in love with Hetty and Cyril too. They're gorgeous.

    Thanks for the wonderful writing. x.

  8. I found you via Waffle, too, and although I don't usually comment at all unless someone has a practical question I have a sure answer for, I just want to let you know that you have won my custom :-) Greetings from Prague, Sabina

  9. My first crave when sitting down at the keyboard (Ehrm, intending to work..) is to visit Belgianwaffle and now I have two craves! Thank you for enriching our lives (and the English language!), xLouise

  10. Ah, it is nothing but my pleasure and nothing but deserved. More lurchers. More romantic incidents. More inappropriate teaching aids. More!


  11. I'm another nipped over from Belgian Waffle and couldn't tear myself away. Your writing is wonderful...clever, funny, brave...and 'fanny rat' must surely be recorded for all posterity.

    With thanks, Katherine

  12. I'm another waffle fan who likes your blog. Excellent. Now I have two blogs to distract me. I wish my kids had a teacher like you. Your projects sound great. And I love your descriptions of your pie munching teaching assistant. Great.


  13. I'm a Wafflite who has also been pointed at and immediately favourited your blog. She has *such* good taste - and so, by extension therefore, do I :) You write brilliantly. You make me laugh. WIN!