Saturday, 1 January 2011

My New Year's Resolutions

  • To spend NO money on: clothes, make-up & L'Occitane bubble bath, shoes, books, jewellery or indeed any non-essential item. I shall be one of those dreary women regularly featured in the Daily Mail women's pages: 'I saved £5000 per year by giving up shopping.' I must, must do this. When all my monthly bills are paid I am left with barely £200 per month for food, pets, petrol and general day-to-day expenses. I am twatting skint.
  • I shall also investigate ways of boosting my income. I have done the whole EBAY thing, I have little left to sell. I must have other skills and attributes I could be paid for. I am not sure what they are. I have a vague notion that I would be good at being an elderly lady's paid companion, like the protagonist in Rebecca. I can make Horlicks, play Scrabble, launder antique lace shawls, bake scones and read Agatha Christie novels with the best of them. However, I think old ladies from my town may have different requirements. They would undoubtedly need someone to buy alcopops, scratchcards and Fray Bentos pies from Costcutters, launder vomit from shell suits, sharpen pebbles to be used as catapult ammunition on small children and to chauffeur them back and forth to Gala Bingo, on their mobility scooter.
  • To use the car less and walk more. I do wonder if I could survive without a car. SOHK is quite a treck away though. Plus, I frequently have to carry 60-90 text books home for marking.
  • To take a healthy and cheap lunch to SOHK every day, thereby avoiding the temptation of the Greggs round the corner (I do love their Cheese and Onion pasties) and the endless tins of Celebrations and Quality Street that are constantly available in the staffroom.
  • To keep my blog updated more frequently.
  • To have a holiday. Now, this truly does seem like an impossibility given my finances. But I do think I should be seeing a bit more of the world. Last year I had a day trip to Bowes Museum and Barnard Castle. I LOVED it. But it was hardly The Lonely Planet.
  • To NOT allow my head to be fucked up by 'The Rochester Question'. That will be the tricky one, I predict, as I am already feeling troubled and unsettled by the whole thing. To say that Rochester is guarded is a massive understatement: he is positively fortified. I have no idea what he is thinking/ feeling after our reunion. I have asked. He ignores. His response last night to this very question was to send me a picture of one of his cufflinks. Interpret that visual metaphor as you will, dear reader.

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