Saturday, 18 December 2010

Normal Service to be Resumed. . .

Hello. I am sorry. I've had a tumultuous few weeks, for so many reasons. I am now on Christmas leave from the School of Hard Knocks and hopefully will find the time and inspiration for daily updates.

I left you at a time when things were at a perplexing and ambiguous state with Rochester. The situation has been clarified. I am seeing him soon. That is all I can say for now. If you recall, our relationship was always a little strained when we realised I had slept with his brother. Yes, you read that correctly. And no, this blog is not sponsored by Jeremy Kyle. It is true though, that revelation was utterly shocking. Today I asked Rochester (via text) whether he and his brother ever 'discussed' me. His response did make me laugh.

'Not really. He knew that I saw you. It was all a bit too weird to discuss. Plus, we both knew deep down that I was the better catch. I did not want to embarrass him.'

I have to say, I am childishly excited at the prospect of seeing the rogue. Truly, I can't wait.

I shall sign off with a picture of my rather minimalist Christmas decorations: some wooden lights and a white poinsettia. As a primary school teacher I have been up to my oxters in glitter and tinsel for weeks. At home I like to keep things a little more simple.

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