Saturday, 9 October 2010


OK. As it is the dreariest of grey October mornings here I have a little treat. Here is my favourite scene from Dynasty. Choosing a favourite scene from Dynasty is a bit like selecting a favourite lipstick or variety of chocolate. . . .no mean feat. But this is side-spittingly good. Basically, Alexis (Joan Collins) shags Cecil Colby to death.

This is a cautionary tale, providing proof that your grandmother was indeed correct: it is best to wait until your wedding night (a view Miss Underscore wholeheartedly agrees theory anyway). You see, once married to Cecil, Joan would have had riches unbounded. As it is, her straying from the path of righteousness in such a wanton way will see her in the poorhouse.

WARNING: those will silk, lipgloss or saxaphone allergies should not watch this clip. Everyone else click here

(I love how after the deed is done Cecil's toupee is slightly skew-whiff)


  1. Hmm, I love the way that she almost beats him to death to prevent him from having the heart attack - how very caring. I've always wanted to have sax betwixt faux-silk sheets.

  2. I think my view of relationships is even more skew-whiff now, so thanks for that, Doctor Ruth!! x