Saturday, 14 August 2010


Such sad news. When I was looking for a rescue dog I met a couple of inspirational ladies, RSPCA volunteers. They managed to persuade me to consider adopting a lurcher. Lurchers are often very badly abused and neglected. In some parts of the North they are seen as status symbols amongst young lads. The boys get them for hunting or racing. Generally these elegant, gentle and sensitive dogs have very unhappy and bleak lives and are frequently abandoned. Rescue homes in Durham are full of scared, skeletal lurchers. Thanks to these ladies I finally ended up with Hetty and Cyril.

I was so saddened to hear today that Angie, one of the lovely ladies has died. She was such a strong, warm and compassionate woman. She was truly, truly beautiful. I spent a very happy evening with her in March, we went to a gallery opening together. She was such good company: funny, down to earth and charmingly straightforward. Even in the midst of Angie's terrible illness she worked tirelessly for the hounds. God bless you Angie. xxx

There is a lovely tribute to this wonderful woman here. Do have a look.

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