Sunday, 25 July 2010

Elspeth Thompson

One of my favourite blogs is Elspeth Thompson's magical 'Off the Rails'. Elspeth was a writer, journalist and gardener. Her blog charted her project of converting two disused railway carriages into a cosy, ramshackle, seaside family home. Elspeth shared her home with her beloved husband and daughter, and two tatty rough-coated lurchers. Of course, I never met Elspeth, but I loved following her inspiring blog, she seemed so gentle, creative and beautiful. She also wrote a book I absolutely adore, The Wonderful Weekend Book, which is a homage to simple, seasonal pleasures: picnics, beachcombing, jam-making.

You can click here to see an example of Elspeth's lovely, warm and life-affirming blog.

Tragically, Elspeth died by her own hand this year. I still often read her blog. I wonder at how depression can grow like cancer, even in the midst of such love, richness and beauty. Today I read heartbreaking piece about how Elspeth's husband and young daughter are coping since her death. Utterly moving. Read it here.

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