Friday, 18 June 2010

Hetty's sister

I really shouldn't keep checking the local dog pound and RSPCA websites. I am always tempted. It doesn't help when the spritely, canny RSPCA volunteers, Gladys and Ethel text me pictures of new inmates.

This is Shakira. I know, I know, lurchers are working class gypsy dogs. They need 'salt of the earth' type names, Maude, Mabel, Nell. They should not be named after seductive sexpot rock stars!

You can see why I have fallen in love with Shakira though. She could be Hetty's little sister. I went through to see her today. She is BEAUTIFUL - very cuddly and waggy. You won't be able to see on this pic, but she only has one ear! So tempting, I was considering fostering her, but in my heart I think Hetty would prefer to share her home with another boy.
Anyway, Shakira (aka Nell) wasn't the only hound that caught my eye. In the next pen was this very regal, elegant Saluki lurcher. They have called him 'Enrico'. (sigh). I know, another 'Johnny Foreigner' name. I shall refer to him as Norman. He was terribly sweet. I fed him some chicken, which he took so meekly and gently. I am used to having fingers severed when I try to feed Cyril and Hetty.

I think Norman may be 'the one'. The summer fosteree. He is an older boy, so may have some trouble finding a home. At least he will be cosy and comfortable with us.

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