Sunday, 16 May 2010

Birthday presents from Madam Noir

Just returned from my weekly tea and scone date with Madam Noir. She forced me to open my birthday presents early. I was slightly deflated to see that she had bought a card WITH MY AGE ON! What a social faux-pas, it is a truth universally acknowledged, that ages on cards are not appropriate past the age of 21.

Anyway, thank you for the thoughtful presents, Madam Noir (if not for the crushingly crass card). My presents were:

Mad Men DVD (Series 3). I have spoke many times on here about my love-affair with Mad Men.

DVD of Paris (as I have a non-lezza infatuation with Juliette Binoche). It is a beautiful and moving film.

A Diptyque Violette scented candle. These are quite frankly, divine decadence. I thought, given my church-mouse status, that Diptyque candles were a thing of the past. So, thank you very much Madam Noir, this is a real treat.

Now. I did want to buy myself a birthday present today. This is a significant birthday, after all, it does have a '0' at the end of it (thankfully, just the one '0'). Last year I bought a stunning Lola Rose red jade necklace for my birthday. Today, an ivory stone Lola Rose necklace caught my eye. But, Miss Underscore's austerity measures would not allow such extravagance. In the end I settled for 2 bottles of OPI nail varnish - in teal and green. I think you'll agree, they are fantastic colours. The green, in particular, has more than a hint of Wicked Witch of the West about it!

So. It is cold, murky and damp here. I have an Inspector Morse playing on I-Player, a chicken roasting in the oven (to be served with a jacket potato and home made coleslaw). I am cosied up with the lurchers for the day. Maybe I should be kicking up my kitten heels with some swarthy sort in Venice, Cannes or Scarborough - to mark the dying embers of my thirties. But, to be honest, I am a home-loving girl - John Thaw and China-blue nails on a Sunday seem just fine and dandy to me.

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