Sunday, 14 March 2010

Fame at Last!

Poor Hetty, she has ripped one of her claws out and is hobbling around on three legs. According to the vet she will have to sashay out on her walks with her paw in a carrier bag, like some skanky, meths-soaked vagrant. Here she is, getting a bit of comfort and sympathy from Hester the cat. They are basking like lizards in the spring sun.

Did you you may notice my windowsill propagators - full of herbs and vegetables? I don't have an inch of windowsill space in the whole house. I am embracing the whole Good Life ethos, although I do feel more of an affinity for dry, spiky, snooty Margo than irritatingly twee and bouncy Barbara.

I wonder, will I ever find my Jerry? Will I ever lead a suburban married life? Will I host dinner parties in a Pucci print kaftan, dishing chicken chasseur from a hostess trolley? Probably not. Damn it. My Lazy Susan is still in its cellophane shroud. Maybe I could use it for the lurchers' Gravy Bone biscuits?

Now, I was fizzing with excitement to discover that Hetty and Cyril were both featured in Grumpy Bobby's blogspot this week. Bobby is a legend in his own lunchtime, he writes a blog about his shenanigans in our local park and about all the homeless dogs he helps foster. Hetty has been longing to get her pic on Bobby's blog for ages. And she is indeed on there, staring up at me, looking for food (actually, the only bit of me that is featured appears to be my arse). But, Cyril was the star of the show, the crazy, hairbrained hound features in many pics. You can check Grumpy Bobby's heartwarming blog out here.

Yesterday I took delivery of the painting I bought at a local gallery a few weeks ago. It is called 'Dogs by the River'. I think it is quite lovely. Full of my favourite autumnal colours: ochres, plums, browns and greens. I'll hang it in my sunny kitchen, I think.

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