Saturday, 30 January 2010

The Chronicles of Narnia (by Cyril)

Mum is not happy. She couldn't get the car out today, so she had to walk us up to the park. I hate the car anyway. I register my discontent by drooling and vomiting over the back seat (and over Hetty, te he he!). So, the walk was fine and dandy with me.

The park was looking so magical. Mum said it looked like Narnia, albeit a Narnia with used condoms and discarded lager cans. I am not sure why she took this picture. Let's face it. I am not in it.

Although I wouldn't admit it to Hetty, she is a helluva personal trainer. When I first moved in I just couldn't keep up with her. Sometimes I'd just flop down in the middle of the park, all puffed out. These days I give that scrawny deerhound a run for her money! Look at me in these pics. I'm in front!

Those with a sensitive disposition may want to look away now. Mum says we look remind her of a film called Jaws. We're just playing really, I love my big sister really. Of course I do. . .

We were both a little snowy after that romp. Look at Hetty! She looks like she needs Head and Shoulders.

Whereas I just look as majestic as a snow leopard.

This is my famous Elvis impersonation. It is apt. I am a big hunk of love.

We stayed an hour or so and then mum shouted to us. It was home-time, home to a bowl of warm tea and plate of sardines on toast. Yum!

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