Saturday, 21 November 2009


RSPCA Gladys keeps me informed about new dogs to the rescue. She knows I am looking for a lurcher paramour for Hetty. He has to be:
  • rough coated (I love scruffy hounds, scruffy hounds and swarthy rogues are a weakness of mine)
  • calm and chilled
  • cat and dog friendly
  • handsome
  • waggy
He must not be a fucked-up nut-job like Mabel. I have given a lot of myself to troubled, rescued mutts and will continue to do so. But I am not prepared to donate any more fingers to canine piranhas. Basically, I am looking for a regal, well-manned gentleman. A doggy David Niven, if you like.

So, I was quite excited today to be sent this picture. It is heartbreaking. A rough-coated, blue and white lurcher who has just come into rescue. He is starved, filthy, covered in scars and very depressed. But look at how handsome he is. Hetty and I shall go and meet him tomorrow.

I confess, I have already chosen a name. I've been reading 'The Word According to Bertie' by Alexander McCall Smith. A lovely, witty, quietly charming book. Anyway, there is a doggy character in the book called Cyril. Cyril is a perfect doggy name.

Today I have 48 reports to write. I must crack on now. Especially if tomorrow is to be free for lurcher investigations.

On another matter. I was shocked to see that Nick Cave has been nominated for a 'bad sex' award. I always imagined Senor Cave would be fantastic in bed. You know, he wouldn't leave hob-nob crumbs, wouldn't snore like a velociraptor or hog the duvet . Apparently not. Check out the article here.

I do love the quote from his spokesperson though, 'Frankly, we would have been offended if he hadn't been shortlisted.' Excellent!


  1. Wondering how you've got on with Cyril? Bet you've smuggled him into your car already!

  2. Cyril was ADORABLE. It was love at first sight with Hetty. But, I don't think he is the dog for me. A little too hyper. I deal with enough ADHD at the School of Hard Knocks. But, Gladys, canny RSPCA match-maker has recommended a whippet. He is getting some TLC with a foster family at the mo, as he was a neglect case (owner being prosecuted). He is apparently calm and gentle. Hetty is having her first date with him on Sunday. I do love whippetysnippets. Odd looking creatures, I know, not to everyone's taste. But I love their grace and elegance. I shall be posting a pic as soon as I get one. I am thinking Norman is a good whippet name. Unfortunately though I have an Uncle Norman and the man is a buffoon. . .