Thursday, 3 September 2009

Whippetysnippet Update

One of the loveliest things about this fostering malarkey is seeing the dogs transform themselves. With a bit of love these jittery, forlorn creatures become bouncing, waggy, lovable pets.

I think Mabel is the most troubled and introverted of my 3 foster-curs. When she arrived she was terrified of everything and terribly sad. Gradually she is coming out of her shell and is beginning to wag her tail when she sees me. She does a little Irish-jig when she sees me pick up her lead and even curls up on my knee, like a cat, when I sit and read or watch telly. This morning Mabel watched Hetty bounding around the garden with a pair of my socks in her gob, and she almost joined in the game.

But, it's not all plane sailing, she still growls at Hetty, when Hetty gets too close. When I go out I can hear her crying and scratching at the front door.

I've not let Mabel off the lead yet. She seems to be both simultaneously petrified and thrilled by the prospect of meeting other dogs. I'm not sure how she'll react. Hetty is such a gregarious girl, she loves to meet and play with her doggy pals. Her sweet, happy and gentle nature means she never gets into any squabbles or fights. I think tomorrow will be the day for Mabel. The heart-in-the-mouth moment when I let her have some freedom, and hope and pray she:

a. comes back to me (I stand no chance of catching a whippet!)
b. does not cause a ruckus in the park.

So, I have provided an update to the rescue centre and they have posted it on their website. Prospective adopters can see her pretty face and read about her. Hopefully she'll find a loving, caring home soon.

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