Friday, 21 August 2009

Say you, say me . . .

Say it together, naturally . . .

Richie (aka Lionel) has found a great new home. He'll be living with a lovely elderly couple. But, this is no retirement home for the lively lurcher, he'll need to get that bionic paw powered up. Apparently they walk for miles (like 10+ miles) every day. He'll also be getting his own passport, so he can go on camping holidays in France. Imagine that, all that french poodle-totty available to him and he's just been castrated. Doh!

Little Richard. I've only had him a couple of days, but he has been a delight to look after.

Lurchers are such sweet, sensitive and laid-back dogs. I think I'll see if I can fit another foster-mutt in, before I am thrown back to the chaos and grime of the School of Hard Knocks. I quite like the look of this noble boy.

Update: Richie/ Lionel/ Little Richard will now be with me till Thursday, so I have a little longer to enjoy the company of the tatty hound.

I've decided I'll make him my last foster-mutt for the time being. The last week of my hols will be spent spoiling Hetty, who does a wonderful job as a strict yet loving big-sister to these neglected and unloved pooches. I really need to stop being distracted by all these canine capers and start planning some lessons. A mere 2 weeks left . . .

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