Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Hello. . . is it me you're looking for?

So, I collected Richie (or Lionel as I have taken to calling him) today. He is my new foster lurcher. Taking his picture is rather a challenge. He never sits still. I'm used to peaceful, calm and graceful lurcher girls. This little chap is always on the go. Of course, being a lurcher, he had to test the sofa. But he didn't stay there long. Too many things to do . . .He loves the garden. He likes to pee on things. Mostly the herbs in the raised bed. Grrrr! He has also tried to get amorous with Kipper, my OAP, deaf and crippled Dalmatian. Kipper's hips aren't up to a sex life these days. Sometimes I think I know how he feels . . .
Lionel kind of reminds me of Boo, scrappy, cheeky and rather mischievous. Thankfully he does not show any signs of being a cat-chaser. But, I have been advised to keep him on the lead for quite a while, until his bionic paw heals (he has metal plates and pins in his paw). He is lively enough now, even with his disability. Once recovered he'll surely be dancing on the ceiling! (Do you see what I did there, eh?)
p.s. Hetty loves him. But Hetty, like me, falls for any brown eyed, hot tongued rascal.

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