Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A Dark Pool

Madam Noir and I visited the fantastic Laing Gallery last week. It is home to Isabella and the Pot of Basil and several other breathtaking Pre-Raphaelite works of art.

I already have one print from the Laing in my dining room, The Bathing Pool by Harold Knight. On my recent visit I bought a print called A Dark Pool by Laura Knight (Harold's missus). It is looking rather lovely above my sitting room fireplace.

The picture reminds me of the South Tyneside coastline (although it is actually Cornwall I think). I wonder if the girl is thinking of jumping. Why is the title 'A Dark Pool', when the water is such a fresh and breezy blue? It is surely a reference to her deep, emotional turmoil. Miss Underscore smells fanny rat skullduggery! I expect some swarthy rogue grappled with her bearded collie on their first date, and then cruelly discarded her. Men: cads, the lot of them!

Meg update: Meg may have found a lovely home in Leeds. She will be living with an ecologist and even going to work with her every day. I will be heartbroken to lose Meg, but it sounds like she is going to have a wonderful life.

Caring for a foster-dog has been a very satisfying experience, but I think sensitive, gentle Hetty will adore being centre of my universe once again.

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