Monday, 27 July 2009

Hetty Update

This is just an excuse to post this terribly sweet picture of the languid lurcher snoozing on the sofa. How pretty does she look?

I have to say, she bears no resemblance to the terrified, threadbare and skeletal waif I adopted 3 months ago. Her coat is now a lustrous silver-blue (thanks to daily cod-liver oil tablets), she is confident, waggy and full of mischief. I am wondering if she has lezza tendencies, as she has an obsession with Birkenstocks and a fascination with biting my bottom when I go upstairs. Everyone who meets her adores her. She was a truly wonderful choice.

I miss Boo still, my shaggy, scruffy bearded collie (and canine, date-chaperone), but I think he would approve of Hetty. She hasn't accompanied me on any first dates yet, but given her misgivings about men in general, I expect she will be a more discerning fanny-rat detector than Boo. Boo was seduced into giving Rochester an 'A+' rating when the swarthy rogue bought him a packet of Hob Nobs on our first date. Hetty won't be bought so cheaply, I'm sure.

I would wholeheartedly recommend lurchers and greyhounds to anyone looking for a dog. They are the sweetest, gentlest and laziest creatures.

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