Friday, 15 May 2009

the enchanted soap

Last time I was in New York with Madam Noir we stayed at the Carlyle. It is the most beautiful Art Deco hotel on the Upper East Side. I would love to go back.

This is a picture of the stunning foyer. It is elegant, but also slightly shabby (which I like). My favourite part of the hotel was the bathroom. It was a deco masterpiece: a combination of glossy black tiles and silvery mirrors everywhere. Before we left I pinched a bar of soap. The soaps provided were not those thin and meagre After Eight sized hotel freebies. They were huge, curvy, silky-smooth buttercup-yellow slabs, scented with delicate honeysuckle.

Yesterday I found the bar in my knicker drawer. I had forgotten all about it. I took it out and used it. The scent immediately transported me back to the Carlyle and New York. I have that experience every time I wash my hands. Which, thanks to my OCD, is about 127 times per day.

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