Saturday, 30 May 2009

Stylish Aunty Margaret

I visited Aunty Margaret today.  I had Hetty with me, as she had just been to the vets for her kennel cough vaccination.  

We chatted over milky coffee, ginger cake and Tunnock's Tea Cakes. Hetty behaved herself perfectly.  I am not sure she would dare do anything else, Aunty Margaret can be rather stern and very formidable.  She sometimes reminds me of a geordie Judge Judy. 

'beauty fades, dumb is forever.'  (a favourite Judge Judy truism, I just thought I'd throw that in.)

Anyway, before I left I visited Aunty Magaret's bathroom. It was the first time I had been there since I was a child.  I must say, she lives in a tiny, colliery house.  There is nothing ostentatious or even remotely stylish about her decor. However, I have become terribly enamored with her bathroom.  

Her bathroom suite is a 1940s original.  It is a vivid turquoise / jade colour.  Now I know coloured bathroom suites are considered the height of naffness, but this is divine.  The bathroom tiles are all envelope shaped, glossy black.  So, a jade and black bathroom suite.  Simply Gorgeous.  It will be the inspiration for my new shower room (when I can afford it, of course, which is probably in about 25 years time).  

(this is not a picture of Aunty M's bathroom, merely an artist's impression.  I shall endeavour to smuggle a camera up on my next visit).

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