Saturday, 9 May 2009

Hetty News

Here is a terribly sweet picture: conclusive proof that lurchers and cats can live in harmony.  Hetty and Cecil (my adorable Maine Coon kitten) were curled up together on my sofa this morning. 

I took Hetty to meet my Year 3 class yesterday.  We spent the day doing work about the RSPCA.  The whole day included maths (calculating the costs involved in keeping a dog), data handling (drawing graphs and charts about the pets we own collectively), literacy (writing an information leaflet about caring for rescue pets), creative writing and art (an illustrated story about an abandoned lurcher).  The kids didn't know Hetty was visiting, I kept it a surprise. They were fizzing with joy when I led her in.  

I had to get the approval of Pompous Pilate, of course.  He forbade any child-lurcher contact.  I ignored him.  It would have been cruel to deny the kids a cuddle and Hetty is so gentle and placid.  He was worried a child would be bitten, or infected with fleas or lice. The reality is, knowing the kids at The School of Hard Knocks, Hetty was the one at risk of attack/ nit infestation from my class of junior delinquents!  I swear, some of my kids have head lice the size of beagles.

I am a little annoyed with the hair-brained hound tonight though.  I made a scrumptious sausage sandwich for my supper.  A post-Rebecca treat.  It was dripping with gently caramelised onions, and had a generous squirt of brown sauce. The bread was oozily sodden with buttery juices.  In short, it was a masterpiece.  I had a huge mug of strong Yorkshire tea, ready brewed to accompany it. However, in the time it takes to pick up a napkin, the covetous cur had snatched the sandwich from the kitchen table and fled to the garden with it.  She is a terrible food-thief, and so tall and gangly she can reach any kitchen surface.

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