Tuesday, 26 May 2009

He-Man Suppers

Here is another classic page from my mum's cookery book.  I like this one, 'Potatoes with Personality.' It catagorises some of the heartier recipes as 'he-man suppers.'   

That has given me an idea for my own cookery book: Recipes for Rogues and Rascals.  I have already made a start planning the chapters.
  • Ne're-do-well nibbles
  • Scallywag Sandwiches for Scoundrels
  • Rum Cove Cup Cakes
  • Dastardly Dinners for Desperadoes
  • Meals for Vagabond Vegetarians
  • Breakfasts for Blackguards
  • Lunches for Lotharios
  • Feasts for fiends and miscreants
and of course, Swarthy Rogue Suppers (which will include Cauliflower Cheese a' la Rochester).

Another treasured item from my mum that I have.  Her camera.  She took thousands of pictures of us all when we were little.   I have it on display in my study, I keep meaning to try it out.

And finally, another couple of images.  A new cushion (you know my obsession with soft furnishings).  And some lovely sweet williams.  Another of my favourite flowers, they used to grow in our garden at home, growing up.  

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