Saturday, 11 April 2009

It's a hard knock life

I visited the Dogs Trust again today. I met another lovely dog, called Annie. She is a German Shepherd 'type'. Very pretty and quite charming, but also bastard mental and completely untrained. She dragged me round the field with a crazed and manic energy, every time I stood still she leapt on me and mauled me with muddy paws. I feel I now know what it must be like to go on a date with Russell Brand.

I went back to learn some of her history. Poor little lamb is only 18 months old and has had 4 homes already. I have arranged to take Kipper to meet her tomorrow, but I am not 100% sure that little orphan Annie is the one for me either. I am not sure Kipper could cope with such a canine whirlwind.

Whilst at the dogs' home I did see poor Honey (with the wonky ears). She barked happily when she saw me and wagged her tail. I think she remembered me. Dear God, the guilt.

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