Friday, 17 April 2009

Hurrah for John Lewis

My last day of the holidays. I took myself off to Newcastle for some shopping. I am so glad I'm not a man. I wouldn't be able to get shivery with excitement over lipsticks and jewellery. I can't imagine getting my thrills from grouting or dart boards. Today I bought some divinely beautiful things:
  • A blue howlite Lola Rose Necklace.
  • A small Cath Kidston sewing box
  • 2 Bobbi Brown lipsticks
  • Some moss-green silk mohair for my next knitting project. It is as feathery soft as angel's wings and as delicate as a spider's web. I also bought a roll of vibrant pink velvet ribbon complement it.
I love John Lewis. A place where you can buy Bobbi Brown, Lola Rose and Cath Kidston. Also the only place in the North East that sells Philosophy perfume. I shall just put all of those thoughts out there. The fact that my birthday is a mere month away is not significant.

On the way back from my shopping extravaganza I called in to the RSPCA kennels again. I didn't see Hetty, she was out for a walk. I had a long chat with the people there and explained my predicament. They have recommended a lurcher called Grace. She is apparently so placid she is almost comatose. She is a rough-coated lurcher, just 2 years old. I didn't get to see her, as she was off getting speyed, but they did give me this picture. She looks rather forlorn.

I have agreed to give her a trial. I am excited. I pick her up at 9am tomorrow morning. Hopefully, by 9am the following morning I will still have my full quota of cats (and fingers). I'm quite taken with her slate-grey bristles. She reminds me a bit of Betty Boothroyd. So, maybe a Betty, rather than a Hetty?

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