Sunday, 15 March 2009

Recipe: Vanilla cream cheese cupcakes with crystalised violet petals

These are devilishly good.  The frosting is not too sweet and is oozingly soft and creamy.  Aesthetically they look best with a solitary violet petal perched on top.  However, they are so much more satisfying with a generous sprinkle.  Rose petals would also be lovely, I suspect.  

Half cup self-raising flour
Half cup of plain flour
1 cup unrefined caster sugar
half teaspoon of vanilla extract
2 eggs
125g butter (half a standard packet)
half a cup of milk

Cream Cheese Frosting
200g of cream cheese
50 g of butter
teaspoon or so of lemon juice
2-3 cups of sifted icing sugar (the amount seems to vary every time I make them).
crystalised violet petals.

  • beat the butter and sugar till smooth and creamy.
  • whisk the eggs and add the milk and vanilla extract.
  • add the egg mixture in stages, alternating with the flour.
  • pour into muffin tins, lined with cake papers (mixture makes 6 cakes)
  • bake at 170 for about 20 mins. 

  • beat everything together till the frosting is glossy and quite stiff.
  • Ice the cakes when they are completely cool.
  • Decorate with violet petals.

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